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The gym caters to people of all ages and fitness levels, whether you are extremely athletic or just need a little exercise.

Wellness Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Our cascading two-tiered infinity pool is where time stops and the world unfolds in real time as you overlook Lake Victoria.

Munyonyo Commonwealth calabash spa & salon

Calabash Spa

The gentle pace of life within the resort will help you relax and focus on the extensive spa/wellness treatments.

Speke Poolside


Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort and Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort have two glass backed squash courts.

Peace Hub

Fitness Center

Stay in shape and keep fit with our fitness classes, running tracks and fully equipped gym. There’s something for everybody.

Commonwealth Poolside

Kids Activities

Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort provides a wide range of children’s activities including a pony camp to keep them occupied.